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Cute game. I love the animated runway. I just wish there were more items/options. I would pay the money if there was more content but some of the categories are quite pricey for the amount of items they unlock. Would love more content to play with. Especially in the sticker/extras area and facial options area. Great graphics/animation!

This game is sooo fun! I love how you can design your own character and outfit with a variety of clothes to choose from! Yes, some of the clothes you have to buy but for a very cheap and affordable price. I wouldn't really fuss about it because the free clothes are still as cute as the ones you can buy! And I will totally be playing more of these games in the future!

Okay thank you so much for the boy Style doll! Except it isn't available in my country. Can you make it available for North America? Please! I would give 5 stars to Boy Style doll if you could make it available for North America. Thanks!

I love styledoll it has a lot of poses and good stuff it is the best app ever even if it is just released it is the best eeeeeeh!!!!! I just love the skin tones of the 3D avatars they are absolutely amazing!!! P.S if you would reply to this i would love it